We originally started this journey with Artaban in 2017 with my own personal search for the ultimate in natural health care and maintenance. I have always looked for alternative health products that are safe but effective to use everyday due to my own ongoing illnesses that ive always struggled to manage. Along my journey i have found alternative management solutions for pain, allergies and mental health. All 3 of those I now manage due to the lifestyle choices I make.

As soon as I met the beautiful family at Artaban I immediately knew I was at the right place. Its always been an important thing for us to have close relationships with our suppliers and I have to say we’re very proud of the connections we’ve made along the way.

Here at Natural Miracles our priority is to provide high quality hemp products that are Australian grown and manufactured. We only stock the best in organic oils & creams to ensure total satisfaction. This is along with our range of LifeCykel Mushrooms which were originally added to the business because we just loved how they complimented one another. We simply just love natural products that mother nature gives us! We hope you do too!

Cheers Chris